Scholarships - Due in January

Written on 12/17/2019

Seniors and parents can view the list of scholarships that have been sent to us by logging into their Naviance Student Account

When viewing scholarships in Naviance, keep in mind the following:

  • An asterisk (*) at the beinning of a scholarship name indicates that it will be awarded to an FVL student
  • A double dash (--) at the beginning indicates that it is a scholarship search site.
  • Deadlines are firm and all parts of the application must be submitted by that date, including letters of recommendation (if required). 
  • Plan ahead and ask teachers, pastors, or coaches for letters of recommendation at least 3-4 weeks before you will need them.   
  • Make sure your resume and brag sheet are up to date in Naviance, this helps teachers to write more personal letters of recommendation.

Parents - If you would like your parent account activated for Naviance Student, email


3rd - GE Reagan Foundation   ($10,000/yr)

15th - Technician Scholarships  ($ varied, may be up to full tuition)

17th - Profile in Courage Essay - students in grades 9-12  ($100-$10,000)  

31st - Rove Pest Control Scholarship  ($500)