Countdown Checklist

Steps highlighted in yellow are required for all students.


1.   Attend 8th Grade Welcome Night on October 29, 2018

Students are able to interact with future classmates while enjoying inflatables, interactive games, pizza, and more.

Parents have the chance to attend 20-minute info sessions on financing, cocurriculars, STEM, life after FVL, completing the enrollment form, and more. Parents can also take a tour, eat sandwiches, mingle with parents of future classmates, and meet with the principal and other members of the administration. Each household will receive a folder which includes information about classes and what needs to be done before Orientation Day.

2.  Complete Online Enrollment Form 
This form is not compatible with mobile devices. 
Please Google Chrome or Firefox rather than Microsoft Explorer.

Go to Skyward Enrollment Access (our Student Management System) and follow the instructions.

If you currently have one or more children at FVL, log into your Skyward Family Access account and click the “New Student Online Enrollment” button in the left column.

If you have previously had FVLHS student(s) who have graduated, please contact the School Office at 920-739-4441.

3.   Complete Online Scheduling Appointment Form 

You will receive an email with a link to this form after you complete the Online Enrollment Form (STEP 2).

Scheduling appointments are available the evenings of November 14th and 19th. If November 14th or 19th do not fit your family’s schedule, you may request a more convenient time.

4.   Complete the Freshman Course Planning Worksheet (bring to your Scheduling Appt.)

The Freshman Course Planning Worksheet is included in the folder that is distributed at the annual 8th Grade Welcome Night event. It can also be found on the above-linked page as a downloadable pdf. 

Descriptions of the classes that are available to freshmen can be viewed here

If you are interested in mapping out a tentative plan for all four years of high school, a four-year course planning grid is also available at the above link along with descriptions of classes.

5.   Attend Scheduling Appointment (set up in STEP 3)

(bring the Freshman Course Planning Worksheet from STEP 4)

Parents and the student will meet with a faculty member who will go over your course choices and answer questions.


6.   Apply for Wisconsin Parental Choice (available Feb 1 - April 20)

Qualifying families have the opportunity to apply for state-funded tuition. Details are at the above link.


7.   Take the ACT Aspire Test 

  • Access to Online Info regarding the test at FVL -
  • Questions regarding the test at FVL? - Mrs. Rachel Fowler -

    Many 8th graders will be taking this test at their FVL Schools grade school. If your school does not offer this test, FVL will offer one on April 27, 2019. Registration is required if a student will be taking the test at FVL.

    Results of this test will give a clearer picture of what classes will be most beneficial for the student.


8.   Apply for Tuition Assistance and Ladies Guild Memorial Scholarship 
(available March 1 - due first Fri. in May)

 FVLHS Tuition Assistance
Access to Online Info/Application -
Questions? - Mrs. Martha Baldwin -
Review the online eligibility chart and apply online.

 Ladies Guild Memorial Scholarship
Access to Online Info/Application -
Questions? - Mrs. Martha Baldwin -
Write an essay and submit to FVL by the first Friday in May. Multiple scholarships are given out in the range of $100-$500.

9.   Complete Fall Athletic Interest Form (available March 1)

This is not a required form, but it will help coaches plan for practice and will make it easier for them to keep you informed.

10.  Attend Future Freshman Night at FVL on April 29, 2019 at 7:00 PM

This one-hour event focuses on how the incoming students can make the most of high school. The evening is designed for all registered 8th graders and their parents, plus families that are still undecided for high school. No registration is required.

11.  Take the FVL Math Diagnostic Test -  No registration is required. 

Many 8th graders will be taking this test at their FVL Schools grade school. If your school does not offer this test, FVL offers two dates and times in the spring - May 24 at 1 PM and May 28 at 9 AM.

Results of the test will give a clearer picture of what classes will be most beneficial for the student, and determine if the student is able to take Geometry rather than Algebra 1.

12.  Optional Spanish Placement Test - No registration is required.

If eligible to test out of Spanish 1, take the placement test which is offered two times - May 24 at 2 PM and May 28 at 10 AM. 

The test (approximately one hour) is used to determine if students are able to move into Spanish 2 as freshmen.


13.  Complete Handbook Agreement Required for All Students (available July 15)

Log into your Skyward Family Access account to complete the following agreements . . .

 Handbook Agreement
 Technology Agreement
 Cocurriculars/Training Rules Agreement

14.  Complete Forms Required for All Athletes (available July 15)

 Concussion Agreement (required)
 Training Rules Agreement (required)
 Authorization of Information Disclosure (for working with the on-site trainer) (required)
 WIAA Student Physical or Alternate Year Card (required)

15.  Apply for Reduced Price Meals (available July 15)

Check the online information to see if you qualify. If you qualify, complete the online application.

16.  Submit First Tuition Payment in July

You should receive your tuition invoice by the last day of June. The first payment deadline is July 31. If full payment is made by July 31, families receive a $50 discount per student.


17.  Family Visit 

  • Questions? - Mrs. Heather Knoll -

    Your child's mentor (a faculty member) will make contact by mid-August to set up an appointment for a visit with you and your student.

18.  Set up e-Funds Account (Required for Meal Service Payment) 

(complete after visit with student’s Mentor - STEP 16)


19.  Attend Orientation Day 

Welcome to FVL!