8th Grade Welcome Night 10/28

Written on 09/25/2019
Fox Valley Lutheran HS

All 8th graders and their parents are invited to join us for 8th Grade Welcome Night!

  • Doors open at 4 PM and the event ends at 8 PM.
  • Come when you can and stay for as long as you want!
  • Please enter the school at the Tower Entrance on the south side of the school.
 Students : You are invited for pizza, soda, inflatables, multi-player video game challenges, DJ and dancing, giant Jenga, dodgeball, and more!
 Parents : We have information and activities for you as well! Join us in FVL's academic wing for a variety of 20-minute sessions (listed below) designed to share information and ease the 8th grade to high school transition. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time to catch them all, but you will have time to attend up to seven sessions. Light refreshments will be available as well.

10 Session Topics:

  1.  Music and Arts   

Mr. James Neujahr - jneujahr@fvlhs.org
Mr. Dan Vogel - dvogel@fvlhs.org

Hear about FVL’s art classes including drawing, sculpture, and digital photography. Also, find out about band, choirs, and additional music and arts opportunities for students. 


  2. How to Choose 9th Grade Classes   

Mrs. Laura Gucinski - lgucinski@fvlhs.org

Learn what classes your future freshman can take in high school, what a daily schedule looks like, and if your student will need a study hall. Graduation requirements are shared and Naviance (used to track volunteer hours and help with college planning) is introduced. 


  3. Preparing for Life After FVL (College/Career)  

Mrs. Amy Gilmet - agilmet@fvlhs.org

These four years will speed by faster than you expect, and your child will be facing big decisions about what to do next. Find out how FVL provides college and career planning during the high school years, and learn about various post-secondary college and career options. 


  4. STEM - Biomedical  

Mr. Brian Zunker - bzunker@fvlhs.org
Mrs. Katelynn Dorn - kdorn@fvlhs.org

Is the medical field in your child’s list of career options? Get a hands-on look into our Biomedical curriculum. Learn about the courses in the program and play the role of a student as you participate in a classroom experiment.


  5. After School Opportunities   

Mr. Shawn Hill shill@fvlhs.org

Our Activities Director shares the wide variety of cocurricular options FVL offers and why it is good for freshmen to get involved. He also discusses the role cocurricular activities play in our overall mission of preparing each child for lives of service now and for eternity.


  6. Special Education Overview  

Ms. Sara Emmrich - semmrich@fvlhs.org

Does your student have an IEP/ISP/504 Plan or a documented need related to learning? Learn about FVL’s Guided Studies/Special Ed Programming and the necessary steps to have your student be a part of this program. 


  7. WI Parental Choice Program (WPCP) & Tuition Assistance   

Mr. Phil Punzel - Principal, St. Peter Lutheran School

Will your family qualify for free or reduced tuition at FVL? Currently, 45% of FVL students do! Join us to learn about the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program and FVL’s Tuition Assistance.

  8. Completing Your Enrollment Application   

Mrs. Heather Knoll - hknoll@fvlhs.org

Computers are available for parents to complete the 2020-21 online enrollment application. Mrs. Heather Knoll is in the room to answer your questions.

To complete the application please have . . .

  • Physician's name and phone number
  • Dentist’s name and phone number
  • Health insurance details . . .
    - Insurance company
    - Policy number
    - Phone number
    - Name of the guardian who is the policy holder
  • Name and phone number of 2 emergency contacts other than the parents/guardians
  • Student’s Social Security number (optional)
    Enter all zeros on the application if you don’t want to share the number. 


  9. Welding   

Mr. Mark Krause - mkrause@fvlhs.org

Tour the metals shop, see a welding demonstration and hear about the metals curriculum at FVL. Our program includes a class in metal sculpture as well as courses focused on skills needed for the welding industry. 

  10. STEM - Engineering & Computer Science  

Mr. Nathan Nolte - nnolte@fvlhs.org

FVL offers exciting courses in the STEM Academy that give students opportunities to study in high-demand STEM fields. Learn about the Computer Science and Engineering programs—including a brand new entry-level course: Engineering Essentials.

Contact Director of Enrollment Ben Priebe (bpriebe@fvlhs.org).