WIAA Decision on Fall Athletics

Written on 07/24/2020
Fox Valley Lutheran HS

This message was also emailed to families on 7/24/20. 

You can see older updates at fvlhs.org.

Yesterday, the WIAA Board of Control made the unprecedented decision to delay the start of fall sports.  They determined that the sports of Cross Country, Golf and Tennis could start no earlier than August 17th with the sports of Football, Volleyball and Soccer pushed back until the week of September 7th.  While we are very excited for the kids that the WIAA has opened up the opportunity for sports to be played during the season they were intended, there is reason to be cautious.  The WIAA ruling only states that we are “able” to return to play.  The WIAA did give the option to conferences, and individual schools, to move the fall sports to the spring.  This idea is similar to a plan that was put together by some of our high schools in southwestern Wisconsin.  Each of the schools in our conference will need to take the plan to their respective school boards.  These boards will then decide what the school district will do.

Some very tough decisions will need to be made if half the schools in our conference decide to move to spring.  It is believed that most other conferences in the area will decide to play conference-only matches.  If half our conference moves fall sports to the spring, and no one else is playing non-conference, who would we play if we decided to stay in fall?  There are other considerations as we work with our local health officials regarding our “risk level” here in Appleton.  As those of you with athletes in summer workouts or summer FVL sports are aware, we have been abiding by the WIAA guidelines for risk activity this entire summer.  If we are still in the “high risk” category come fall, do we continue with these guidelines?  This would make it very difficult for us to compete against other teams in most sports.

I believe at this point, as student-athletes, parents and coaches, we need to proceed with cautious optimism.  The door is open for us to begin fall sports close to when they were meant to be.  However, as we know from the past months, things can change quickly and significantly.  I just want to make you all aware.  Please continue to pray for those making tough decisions during these difficult times.  I’ll continue to pray for all of you, but especially for your children who are struggling so much during this time.  If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me.  I’m happy to answer or discuss what I can.  Have a great weekend!

Shawn M. Hill
FVL Activities Director