Spectator Guidelines for the Fall 2020 Season

Written on 09/17/2020
Fox Valley Lutheran HS

The NEC Conference is excited to give our student-athletes an opportunity to compete against each other for the fall sports seasons.  We continue to work diligently to create protocols for all of our events to mitigate the risks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the spread of the virus in each of our communities.  Here are some guidelines that will be in place for the fall 2020 sports season in regards to spectators:

  • Spectator limit for football, soccer, volleyball:
    For football, boys soccer, and girls volleyball we will limit 2 spectators per student-athlete and coach.  This is for all levels (JV2, JV1, and Varsity).  Students will not be allowed into events unless they are the sibling to a student-athlete competing and sitting with a parent or guardian. The student/sibling will be treated as one of the allowed spectators.
  • Registration required to attend football, soccer, volleyball:
    Spectators for football, girls volleyball, and boys soccer events at all levels will be required to sign up on a pass list by NOON the day before an event and identify the jersey number of the student-athlete at the gate who they are watching in order to get in.
  • Distancing at CC, golf:
    For cross country and girls golf, spectators are required to stay 15 yards away from the participants and not allowed to interact with them until after the event in the parking lot.
  • Guidelines for multiple-level sports:
    For sports that play multiple levels on the same day, but at different times (such as boys soccer and girls volleyball), we expect spectators to leave once their student-athlete(s) level is complete. So JV spectators will leave before the Varsity competition and Varsity spectators will wait until JV competition is completed before entering the venue.
  • Self-screening:
    Spectators should self-screen themselves for possible COVID-19 symptoms or close contacts prior to coming to any event. If spectators have symptoms or have been in close contact with a positive individual, they should not attend.
  • Face coverings:
    All spectators at inside events will be required to wear a face mask covering while in the facility and spectators at the outside events will be expected to wear a face mask covering until seated and physically distant (6 feet or more) from anyone not in their household.
  • Cost:
    here will be no cost for admission at Fall Sports events for 2020.  In most venues, spectators from opposing teams will enter, leave, and sit in different areas.
  • Concessions will not be served at most venues.  Programs will not be handed out.
  • Gates to events will open 30 minutes prior to the start time. Spectators or any other individuals should not tailgate in parking lots before or after events.
  • Away events may require additional procedures to follow.

These guidelines are re-evaluated each week to determine the need for any changes.