Kwik Trip 10% Rebate (TWICE their normal rate)

Written on 09/06/2019
Fox Valley Lutheran HS

We still have 10% cards in stock into October -- while supplies last!

It's that time again--Kwik Trip is offering their special 10% rebate (it is usually 5%). This is the perfect time to load up on your Kwik Trip SCRIP cards!  

If you purchase one $100 Kwik Trip SCRIP card,  $10 of that $100 will be sent back to FVL (rather than the normal rate of $5). Those dollars add up and can make a significant contribution to our tuition assistance program. 

Consider getting some Kwik Trip SCRIP now to get you through a few weeks or perhaps surprise a relative or friend or college student with a gift of a Kwik Trip card or two. 


You can place your order online with your ShopWithSCRIP account.

Choose the 2FVL 10% option when ordering.  

Thank you for your support!