12/21 - See guidance counselor to make changes to 2nd semester schedule; Juniors interested in Badger State see Mrs. Gilmet

Written on 12/21/2018
Fox Valley Lutheran HS

Students interested in making course changes for 2nd semester are encouraged to see their guidance counselor before Christmas. Some courses have limited availability. ​

Any juniors interested in Badger State 2019, please contact Mrs. Gilmet.

Fitness Center hours:

  • Fri., 12/21 - open until 3:30 PM
  • Wed.-Fri., 12/26-28 - open 8 AM-10:30 AM

Students about to take their first CAPP course in Spring 2019 must apply now. We ask that all Spring 2019 applications be completed before students leave for winter break. Please check your email for link and/or see your guidance counselor. 

Open cages on Sunday from 7-8 PM at the Warehouse.