1/10 - Exam schedules found in planner; Turn in pre-planned absence form if leaving early from 8th set study hall

Written on 01/10/2019
Fox Valley Lutheran HS

Thursday and Friday exam schedules can be found on page 6 of your planner:

  • Thursday's semester exam lunch schedule is based on the same set 3 schedule prior to Christmas break. Check your email to confirm the schedule. 
  • Students with 8th set study hall, if you are planning on leaving after 5th set on Friday, please get a pre-planned absence form turned into the School Office. 
  • Sophomore 8th set study hall students: If you don't have a pre-planned absence form turned in, please report to the regular study hall on Friday. 

We are looking for students to help as "tappers" for the wrestling invite.  (A tapper will go out onto the mat and tap the official on the shoulder with a rolled up towel when the wrestling bout is about to end.) If you are interested in helping in the morning, afternoon, or both, please speak with Mr. Hill. 

The art department is looking for donations of ice cream pails with covers. 

Piano students: Pick up your new lesson time in the School Office. 

Pitching camp will start this Sunday. Info and a baseball schedule can be found in the School Office. 

No PM Valley Transit bus service on Thursday or Friday. All other buses will run accordingly.

Open cages at the Warehouse on Sunday from 2:45-4 PM.

L. Doyen, J. Bixby, N. Hartjes, and C. Jordan: Please return your yellow slips to Mr. Payne as soon as possible. 

Fox Folk Marionettes practice after school today from 1:55-2:55.

FVL Book Club: Meet Thursday, Jan. 17 at 3:30.