About This Section and the App . . .

Written on 08/30/2019
Fox Valley Lutheran HS

Push notifications are sent out . . .

  • at 4:00 PM on Sundays for the majority of the school year.
  • as needed during the summer.

Details about the push notifications are in this "Pushed News"  section.

You are strongly encouraged to look through topics in other sections of the app so that you are up-to-date on ALL of the current announcements. 

Where are old push notifications?

If you have set up a profile on the app, you will be able to find a record of push notifications that have been sent while you were logged in. 

  1. Open the app and scroll to the bottom of the window.
  2. Click "Profile."
  3. Click "Push notifications."


What else is accessible from the home screen?  

  • FVL Newsfeed features information that is shared on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.
  • Parent Announcements share important news and details that would be part of a traditional printed school newsletter.
  • Student Announcements display information shared with students after chapel.
  • College News highlights which schools will be on campus when, available scholarships, test prep resources, job shadow opportunities, internship resources, summer college workshops, and other helpful information that schools and organizations share with our Guidance Office.
  • 5K-8 News is devoted to sharing events, opportunities, and news that is for our grade school friends. This is a good go-to spot for parents of 8th graders who are wondering what they need to do to get ready for high school. 
  • The Transfers section is geared toward families with high school students who are considering FVL or who have decided to enroll at FVL. 

Hamburger Menu

The top left corner of the screen includes a Hamburger Menu icon (scroll down to see image).  While the majority of the information on the app can easily be accessed from the opening screen, it is not a complete listing.

  • Click the hamburger icon (scroll down to see image) to see a complete menu of everything that is included on this app.
  • To return to the opening screen, click the "Home" icon.